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Welcome to the online press kit for Sylvie Lampron and Freeplay Dog!


The Environmentally Sound Hound

Making dog ownership, fitness and community care fun and easy


Owning a dog satisfies human needs for companionship, play, exercise and time outdoors. It even offers a way to teach kids responsibility. The United States is home to 77.5 million owned dogs, yet many owners — 40 percent by some studies — don't clean up after their pets, polluting public parks and waterways.


Freeplay Dog Company simplifies dog ownership by developing and selling accessories to help owners be more responsible and have more freedom to spend time with their dogs. Its primary product, the Multi-sak, is an all-purpose lightweight bag to carry everything owners need.


Freeplay's founder, Sylvie Lampron, is a single mother of two young teens who is passionate about teaching responsibility through dog ownership. Sylvie has owned dogs all her life and has dedicated her business to helping people "walk the talk" while walking their dogs.


"Since my kids were born, there's been a dog in the house. For them, it's a way of living having a dog around," she says. "We have two dogs and they were part of choosing the dogs and preparing the budget required — the veterinarian, the feeding, the grooming — everything around it, we plan it as a family activity."


Even though the family lives on four acres in the country they always pick up after their dogs. "It's something that's part of the kids' responsibility of having a dog," Sylvie says.


Freeplay is committed to the conscious business principles of freedom, personal responsibility, and community care by giving dog owners the tools they need to make it fun and easy to walk their pets. The Multi-sak is created specifically for walking dogs, not repurposed from other sports activities. Designed to be fashionable as well as useful, it is large enough to carry dog toys but small enough to fit on a leash. The storage compartment contains pockets for keys, cell phone and waste bags, while used bags are carried on the outside for easy disposal.


"There are other products on the market, but none of them are as thought through, as engineered in terms of the compartments and what it really means to have everything in one place," says Kim Castle, conscious business leader and Sylvie's marketing mentor.


Freeplay exemplifies conscious business with a product that is good for "people, pets and the planet," says Castle, co-creator of the BrandU® business development curriculum.


"It is powerful to watch this business be born in the midst of what's going on in the world today where people are scared and shrinking," she says. "Here is a businesswoman who's stepping up and demonstrating sure innovation and beliefs."


The Multi-sak is offered in models including on-leash, over-the-shoulder and waist packs to fit owners' lifestyles. All are designed with a single aim — to make dog walking for fun, fitness and fellowship easier and more enjoyable while promoting clean parks, streams and green spaces.


Download Sylvie Lampron's One Pager.


Public website: www.freeplaydog.com and blog: http://blog.freeplaydog.com


Media contact: Michelle Tennant, 828-749-3200, Michelle@publicityresults.com, or blog http://www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com



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